Stubai hut trip

Stubai hut trip

Near the end of March we started from Stubai glacier and went to a couple huts in the vicinity. Mr. Bear prefers this approach to the huts as you won’t be wasting half a day cross-country skiing somewhere below treeline.

For someone planning their first hut trip I recommend exactly this area between Stubaital and Sellraintal as the terrain is varied but generally easy. The Stubai ski resort or the Sellraintal road, where you can drive your car up to 2000 m, serve as pretty nice starting points. Glacier gear is often not necessary. The manned huts range from somewhat small (Westfalenhaus, Winnebachseehütte) to hotel-size and feel (Franz-Senn Hütte).

We started with hopes for some pow pow, but ended up with bad weather and windf*cked crap snow on the first day. After that we adjusted and searched for corn, on the last day we found a nice north-facing chute that still had some good snow in it. Nice trip!

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Mr. Bear’s couloir ranking

+ Longer than we thought it’d be
+ Nice and continuous steepness, which made Baby Seal happy to have his ice axe
+ Great small finale for skiing touristy stuff for 4 days
–  Getting all the way up to the ridge would’ve required some meters of rock scrambling, which, lacking a rope, we didn’t go for (unsure whether getting down would’ve been that easy)
Bear points:

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